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MARCH 2018

My Dear Friends

Our journey began on Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent, and Holy Week which starts with Palm Sunday (25th March), is the concluding part of the story as we follow Jesus to his crucifixion on Good Friday (30th March).

For anybody coming to the Christian faith for the first time, there are lots of odd things about what we Christians get up to and how we live out our faith.

What could possibly be good about crucifying a man for telling us to love one another? If you’d told the disciples by 4pm on that afternoon that the day would be known as Good Friday, I think they may have thought it was a very poor joke.

If Friday had been the end of the story of this carpenter from Nazareth then it would have been Very Bad Friday, a sorry end for a promising young man spreading peace with a large following.

But Good Friday can only be called ‘Good’ because of Easter Sunday. Three days after Good Friday when Jesus was raised from the dead his followers began to realize that Death didn't have the final word or the last laugh, that life can come out of death, that death is not the end, that God is stronger than evil, that love conquers hate…

The resurrection is at the heart of what it means to have a Christian hope. That hope means for all of us that death isn't the end, but also that we can know the power of God in our lives here and now.

We can receive the Holy Spirit to help us live God’s way.

As Christians we have a duty to Jesus who died for each one of us to follow him and that means to journey with him not just Sunday by Sunday but each day during the most Holy Week in the churches year, (our year), so let us together be there to worship and adore.

With best wishes and my prayers for a

Holy Lent and Joyful Easter



March 25th

Our Parish Mass begins at  9.45 am in the church hall

 (adjacent to the church building)


March 30th


2 pm