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Monthly Letter from the magazine.

 July 2018

Dear Friends

This month is a special month for me and a number of my friends who studied together for the sacred priesthood at St. Stephen’s House Oxford.  

This year we will be celebrating 25 years as priests in the church of God. As you will know I am celebrating with a mass on Saturday 14th July and hope that many of you will be able to join me on that day.

25 years ago the world and the church were very different and we can all reminisce about this, but as catholics in the Church of England, we stand firm to our roots which have been handed down to us from the apostles.

God calls all baptized Christians, men and women to share in the work of proclaiming his life in the world, but Jesus’ presence in the church and in the world is shown in a special way in the ORDAINED MINISTERS of his church.

At St. John’s we have had the privilege of welcoming Ian Edgar in to the congregation for a few months before his ordination as a Deacon. He will be serving in the parish of St. Andrew West Tarring. Please remember him in your prayers together with his family who will be moving to Worthing from Canada where they live at the present time.

In a sense we are all evangelists, all pastors and teachers and all servants of the Lord and through our baptism, act in his name.

 We are all called to be part of the Royal Priesthood but naturally we all fail in our vocation and ministry, but that does not stop us from trying, by grace, to do better or to support one another in God’s service. Please remember those to be ordained and pray for vocations to the priesthood. Do you know anyone who God may be calling? If so encourage them and pray for them.

With my prayers and best wishes to you all.