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November 2017

My Dear Friends


On the first day of November each year Christians all over the world celebrate one of the greatest Christian Festivals, ALL SAINTS. The following day they celebrate ALL SOULS when they commemorate and pray for all the faithful departed who have yet to come to the perfection of heaven.

The main thing about these two great days ought to be the Joy of belonging to God’s family. This is the key to eternal happiness, that whatever happens, the Christian belongs to God in a special way.

The festival of All Saints was one of the first Christian festivals to be celebrated. It began in Rome in the sixth century and it has an interesting beginning. Up till then the bodies of nearly all the Christians who died in Rome, many of whom were martyred, were buried OUTSIDE the city in specially constructed underground rooms and passages known as the Catacombs. But in the year 600A.D. When persecutions had ceased for the time being and when Christianity had become the accepted official religion of the state, it was decided to move the bodies of the thousands of Christian Martyrs from the catacombs to a more prominent place in the centre of Rome. The building they chose as the final burial place was a magnificent one which had already been there for six hundred years (and is still there today, the best preserved classical Roman building in Rome) - the PANTHEON, a huge circular building like the Colosseum. The Pantheon had originally been built as a pagan temple for ALL THE GODS (which is what Pantheon means), but when it became the burial place of the early Christians it was rededicated to ALL SAINTS. At the same time the feast of All Saints was inaugurated and has been kept ever since as one of the most important days in the Christian Year.

We all belong to God’s Family and so let us rejoice with great joy this fact.. At St. John’s we have these two masses in the evening on Wednesday and Thursday so please come and join in this great celebration.

We are all brothers and sisters in Christ concerned about one another so where better to gather than around the Lord’s Table as his family.

With best wishes and my prayers.

Fr  John

The Catacombs, Rome

The Pantheon, Rome

They gave their tomorrows

so that we might have our todays…

 We will remember them..

All Saints,  All Souls & Remembrance