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MAY 2018


From Fr. Beau

At St John’s  - MAY 11th -19th 2018

This international, ecumenical “Novena” of Prayer is based on the way in which the Apostles prayed and waited the nine days between the Ascension of their Lord and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, who drove them out from behind their locked doors to tell the world about the “Good News”.

Here at St John’s you can take part in two ways.

On Sunday 6th May after the 10.00am Parish Mass you can collect a small candle and a leaflet to use to pray at home on each day of the Novena. This way you can play your part with other Christians worldwide.

On Thursday 17th May at 10.00 – 11.15 am we will come together to pray for a slightly extended Holy Hour in the presence of Jesus in His Most Holy Sacrament.  

During this, at about 10.15am, we will be joined by the Bishop of Lewes, who is praying his way through the diocese on foot during this time, and visiting churches as he goes. He will bring with him walkers from Broadwater, his last stop before he comes to us. There is another leaflet for use on that day, and you might want to bring your own daily leaflet to pray that day’s prayers during this time.

All of this is a powerful way for Christians to unleash the Power of the Risen and Ascended Christ in the midst of the very troubled world of today.

Please take part - Please come and join us.


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