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Fr Graham Lunn:

Formerly Shrine Priest at Walsingham

and now Associate Vicar St Michael’s Beckenham

Fr Edward Morrison:

Assistant Curate St Wilfrid’s Cantley

Fan the Flame

17-21 September 2017

What is it?

Fan the Flame is five days of joyful singing, and exploring what it means to be a Christian in 2017.

How does it work?

The two young Missioners: Fr Graham Lunn [formally Shrine Priest at Walsingham and now Vicar of St Michael’s Beckenham] & Fr Ed Morrison [Curate of St Wilfrid’s, Cantley  near Sheffield] will be commissioned on Sunday Morning at the 1000 Mass by Bishop Martin. Then each night, Sunday at 1800 and Mon-Thurs 1930, there will be a Songs of Praise with interviews about the hymns people have chosen, and what they mean for them; followed by Teaching which explores God’s wonderful love for us and how we can respond to it. Afterwards there will be light refreshments for those who want them.

Who can come?

 Anyone! First it is aimed at the existing Congregation, to “fan into a flame” the faith they already have. But then we need to invite our neighbours, friends, preschool and Elm Grove School parents and teachers etc.

How will they know about it?

 We will use all the usual media we have, but most of all by personal contact. Use the prayer card and the “Spark Points” programme giving details that will be published on 6th August as their invitations, and, like the apostles say “Come and see”

How do we prepare? First of all by prayer. Use the prayer cards that are given out at Mass. Others round the country will be using the same prayer for us and with us.

Then think what you can do to help and volunteer – give your name to Ros Rowley. Time is very short ; but then the Apostles did not have months to make up their minds to follow Jesus!      We need:  

1. People to greet visitors and give out leaflets each night

2. People to help the Missioners get the Church ready for the Teaching – electrics, flowers etc

3. People who will feed lunch or supper to the Missioners – please sign the lists at both doors in church.

4. People who will choose a favourite hymn and be prepared for an easy interview about why you like it and what it means in your life. Don’t be shy, it’s very painless and we can’t use all the choices, so you might get away with it!!!

5. People to prepare, serve and clear away the simple refreshments each night.

What else do we need?

The trust that God will be working among us in this week. And lastly, the willingness to give up our favourite programmes on Telly for those few days, and just be there!