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Mission Room Exterior

In 2009, the church was accorded Grade II listed status, and  a full description of its architecture can be found at the website

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History of St John’s Mission Room Interior Spire-less St Johns Spire being built

In 1938 St John’s had no tower or spire. (above)

In 1951, St. John’s area became a Conventional District and St. John’s District acquired a thin slice from the parish of St. Andrew’s, West Tarring. In 1955, the Bishop agreed to St John’s becoming a parish in its own right.

This photo shows the building of the spire.

The Church Hall was built in 1961.

The spire was built in 1966 - nearly 30 years after the rest of the church was completed.

The Mission Room, seen in the two photographs above, was enlarged by the architect Norman Cachmaille-Day. The foundation stone was laid on 11th December 1936 and the new church was consecrated on 8th October 1937.