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S J Ignite (formerly Survivors)

Clicking on the pdf icon below will take you to a pdf file of photos showing the events involving the younger members of the church, originally called The Survivors.

They changed their name to S J Ignite in October 2019.(See page 29 of pdf file).

We are very proud of them and the part they play in the life of St John’s. Several of them are servers at the Sunday Mass, and, in the appropriate seasons, we are usually treated to thought-provoking dramatic versions of the Easter and Nativity stories which have been given their own individual touches to bring them to life.

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The pdf file of photographs will open in a new window. When you have finished looking , close the window to return to this page.

Entry to Jerusalem       Palms - Hosanna!       Last Supper        Crown of thorns     Crucifixion          Placed in tomb

Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. Still shots taken from a video of the Survivors 2014