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August 2019

My dear friends,

As most of you know by now, the Lord Bishop of Chichester has asked me to take up a new post at St. Barnabas Church in Hove. It seems rather strange writing this letter as it will be my last in this magazine and my last Sunday will be 4th August as I return from the Youth Pilgrimage.

 Fourteen years seem to have flown by and a lot has happened here at St. John’s over that period of time which I thank God for. I can still remember my first visit and meeting the Parish Representatives, Gena Lambert and Derek Jarrett.

My priority when I first came was to see St. John’s working together as a team to continue the mission of the church and this has certainly been our strength. During my time here with you we have reordered the church and what a difference it has made, to have a wonderful liturgical space .We have updated St. John’s Hall and this is now our major asset for income to sustain the mission and life of the church for the future.

We have forged many links in the community including Elm Grove School, the Farmers Market and established our own Church Foundation Preschool which is a credit to the Parish of St. John’s. It has been a privilege to serve you here and to watch you all, especially our young people grow in faith and in love.

In all this it is our worship which for any Christian ought to be a priority  each Sunday and it directs us away from ourselves and the myriad of concerns which constantly invade our minds. It raises our eyes and our hearts heavenwards - towards God, the God in whom we live and move and have our being

St John’s has a wonderful catholic tradition and it is one of our greatest strengths. It has taught the catholic faith as the Church of England has received it from its very first foundations. My prayer for you is that you continue to work as a team and flourish and encourage others to worship with you as you journey forwards to welcome your new parish priest when he is appointed.

 With my prayers and best wishes

Thank you, Father John, for 14 years of dedication to our church, both the people and the building itself.

We shall all miss you after your long stint as incumbent, but wish you every joy and success in your new parish.

We will remember the many beautiful services  when you presided at the Lord’s table, in the stunning, reordered chancel, and give thanks that we have had you among us to guide us and

lead us towards God.

With our love and prayers..

Photos taken at Fr John’s

Silver Jubilee mass

14th July 2018