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APRIL 2019

Dear Friends,

We are just about to enter the most holy week of the churches year. Holy Week and Easter is what Christianity is all about. It is at the centre of the Christian faith. We will not understand fully what it is that we are doing during this week until we partake of Easter Resurrection for ourselves and enter into God’s Kingdom of peace and joy and love.

However, a few words of guidance and introduction are always useful, but the services themselves speak louder and more clearly than I could ever write.

Palm Sunday - Jesus is king! cry the people. The entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, however humbly, makes the crowd cry ‘Hosanna’. This entry, though, gives way to his passion and death. Yet Jesus is king and within a week will rise triumphant from the dead. He is the firm ground of our hope that all suffering in this life is lost in the power of his resurrection.

Maundy Thursday

Jesus celebrated the Jewish Passover with his apostles. He gives them a new commandment - ‘love one another as I have loved you’. He loves his apostles so much that he washes their feet - he loves his apostles so much that he gives us the Sacrament of the Eucharist, forever putting himself at the service of the church. On this night the old Jewish rites give way to the new sacrifice given to the church by Jesus.

Good Friday

It is accomplished. We celebrate the Passion and death of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He died that we might live and by his wounds we are healed. His touch of love transforms the cross of shame into the symbol of triumph. We join his sufferings knowing that if we die with him, we will also rise with him.

Holy Saturday - The Easter Vigil

Most Blessed of all nights! This night of passover, Christ passed from death to life. It is the most important moment in the entire Christian year. We celebrate baptism - passing from sin to grace. We keep vigil, we wait knowing that the grain of seed which is the humanity of Christ has died and the church is born to give shelter and bear fruit a hundredfold.

Easter Day

Christ our hope is risen! Can our lives be witnesses to the power of his resurrection?  

With my prayers and good wishes for a truly holy week and Easter